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"Charlie Bravo"
Charlie Bravo is a well loved Westerly 22, Gunter-rigged classic built in the 1970's. Whilst built of GRP and not of wood like many classics, she does make up for it with plenty of wood trim, in the cockpit and internally.
The extra quality she has, is her ship's dog "Charlie", who is well known for his faithful love of "Charlie Bravo".
The name Charlie Bravo- C B - are the initials of the owner's eldest son and eldest granddaughter- so well and truly a family classic with her ship's dog.
The 11 metre steel junk schooner FLY was built by the owners in the UK Midlands. Work started in May 2002.
The craft identification number, GB-RYA01509L010, was obtained in 2010 and, with help from friends,it was finished and then launched on the River Dart, Devon, UK in 2014.

The hull, topsides and superstructure are mostly to an origami design by Brent Swain, Vancouver. The hull is 5mm mild steel, 10.8 metres long x 3.3 metres wide x 1.5 metres draft. The deck, cabin and pilot house is 3mm.