Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta and Rally
A celebration of vessels from a bygone era
The Heritage Fleet
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"Leader" Gaff Rigged Ketch
Leader was one of the largest of the Brixham sailing trawlers, known, despite their Ketch rig, as the ‘Big Sloops’. She was built in 1892 at W. A. Gibbs’ yard at Galmpton on the River Dart in Devon.
She fished in UK waters until 1907, when she was sold to Swedish owners. She operated on Sweden’s west coast until 1970, when she became a sail training vessel for the Swedish Cruising Club.
In 1985 she moved to the west coast of Scotland where, as ‘Lorne Leader’, she was used for sailing holidays and charter for ten years. In 1996 she was brought home to South Devon, and operated from Dartmouth until 1999, when she became part of the Trinity fleet, based in Brixham. 
Since that time, Leader has undergone a major programme of restoration but is now sadly furloughed on the Dart awaiting new owners.
LOA: 105 ft Beam 19 ft Draught 10ft Displacement 110 tonnes

"Vigilance" BM76 Gaff Rigged Ketch
The restored sailing trawler Vigilance BM76 is a piece of living Brixham history. Built in Brixham in 1926, she worked with the local fishing fleet before seeing war service as a barrage balloon mooring vessel. Since then Vigilance has been used as a gentleman's yacht, film vessel, charter boat and adventure training craft in France, the Faeroe Islands, Ireland and the Isle of Man.
She has now returned to her home port and is proudly owned, maintained and sailed by Brixham people.
LOA: 78 ft Beam 19 ft Draught 10ft
Bowsprit 23ft Displacement 95 tonnes