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The Sunbird 32 was designed by Alan Boswell (later Chief Designer of Oyster Yachts) as his ideal cruising boat. He and Robin Blain formed Sunbird Yachts to build and market it. In 1977 it became the first modern western production boat specifically designed for a junk rig. Draft was 4ft to transit French canals. The first hull was built at Burne’s shipyard in Bosham, UK but production was subsequently moved to Fareham Quay Boatbuilders. During the recession of 1980-81when VAT at 25% was first applied to boats, orders for the Sunbird dried up and production was closed down. Only 13 Sunbird 32s were built, but almost all of them are still in commission and most have cruised extensively. .

"Susan J"
"Susan J" is a Heard 28, built in 1991 by Gaffers and Luggers.
She has been through the French Canals to the Mediterranean and sailed extensively in the Channel with previous owners.
Since taking her over in 2017 her present owners have cruised the Channel, Brittany and she has recently been to the Channel Islands.