Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta and Rally
A celebration of vessels from a bygone era
Regatta 2023 Entrants
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“SQUIGGLES” a 21ft, Dudley Dix designed “Cape Henry” bilge keel gaff cutter built by the owner using marine ply for its lapstrake construction. She is a “weekend” cruiser with berths for four but only sitting headroom in the main cabin. Build took about 21/2 years, with initial launch 01/01/2020, before she was trailered to Sail Shape sail makers at Lostwithiel for rigging and sail construction.
One significant deviation from the original design is the inboard electric propulsion. 240kg of lead batteries replaces an equivalent internal ballast. Motoring range is 40+ miles. Recharging requires shore power because she is too small and slow to accommodate onboard charging. .

"Vigilance of Brixham"
VIGILANCE BM76 is a gaff-rigged ketch.

She is till classed as a Brixham Sailing Trawler” although no longer fishing.

She was the last of a long line of beam trawlers or smacks built at Upham’s Shipyard in Brixham in 1926.

As a heritage vessel of national importance, she is part of the UK Historic Fleet.

Length 78ft but 101ft with bowsprit extended, beam 19ft, draft 10ft. Main mast 71ft. Weight 95ton. 160HP diesel power.