Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta and Rally
A celebration of vessels from a bygone era
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S.B. Snark is a newly constructed, steel-hulled, spritsail sailing barge, more commonly referred to as a Thames barge. Snark was constructed to the original plans of a type of cargo-carrying commercial sailing barges built by J G Fay in Woolston, Southampton in 1898. This class of barges were used all along the east and south coast as well as in the associated rivers and estuaries.

Building of the Snark started in 1997 by previous owners and in 2018, Paul Jenkins and Qiao Feng completed her to the standards needed for commercial use in and around the British and European coasts.

She is not a historic replica, but uses the most useful features of the original barge designs, alongside modern materials and equipment.
Minnow is a 21ft junk-rigged sailing yacht converted in 2019 from a Freedom 21. Built circa mid 1980s, this little bilge-keeler was rescued and refurbished by the current owners after languishing in a marina on the River Itchen in Southampton. Originally with twin lifting keels, these are now permanently 'down', though unsuitable to 'take the ground'.

Her distinctive grey junk sail marks her out; designed by David Tyler, and built by Sebastian Hentschel of tuchwerkstatt in Germany. On board are four comfortable berths and basic catering facilities.
The owner couple will be sailing down from the Solent in company with other members of the junk fleet this year accompanied by their Jack Russell terrier,